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Your sign is the first thing your customers see. First impressions are important and Plymouth Sign Co can help. With this program, your signs will be properly maintained and kept in long-lasting condition. 

Electric/Interior Lit Signs: Check all lamps / Power Sources / Ballasts / Transformers / Sockets /Wiring / Clean Faces / Rotate Sign Faces

When PSC's team arrives on site, the following will occur:
Visual Inspection: will be conducted for damage and missing screws, bolts, or fastens. We will also check for loose panels, and check supports and brackets.
Cleaning: will consist of washing sign faces front and back, rotating sign faces, cleaning and painting posts, tightening up screws and bolts, as well as painting brackets.
Final Inspection: will occur to ensure the sign(s) are in proper condition, as well as secure.

Preventative maintenance can help prevent costly breakdowns, as well as enhances appearance while extending the life of your sign.  
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